Quick 1 Tubeless Tyres – 547

Quick 1 Tubeless Tyres – 547


Q1 547 110/70-12 47L T/L

Front/Back Grande tyres
Q1 547 120/70-12 58L T/L

Vespa Srpint, MSX

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  • The Quick One tire is a high-quality tire. With its special design and sturdy material, the Quick One tire delivers excellent performance, reliability, and meets stringent requirements for transportation and mobility.
  • Having high durability, good load-bearing capacity, and resistance to wear and tear, skid resistance, it helps to increase road grip and improve vehicle control. With its special puncture-resistant design, the Quick One tire provides excellent protection against nails and quick wear, helping to prolong its lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.
  • The ability to resist water and UV rays helps protect the motocycle from the effects of natural environment. It also has high resistance to cracking and flowing, which helps maintain a stable and safe operating condition.


  • EU standard: E4
  • Qualified: JIS K6366:1998/TCVN 5721-2:2002
  • Tire rubber is researched and created with the most advanced formula.
  • The tire is designed with a high-quality innerliner layer to prevent air leakage effectively.
  • The tire body is constructed with a strong and sturdy cross-ply structure, providing full coverage from the crown to the bead of the tire
  • The tread pattern with a symmetrical design, combined with the new tire structure, creates optimal balance and comfortable handling on all road conditions.


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