The choice of tire plays a crucial role in directly affecting the driving experience and safety in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, Quick One 638 would be the most suitable new tire line for you when you want to upgrade your “war horse,” providing enhanced safety while ensuring a stylish and playful appearance, especially for Airblade, Future, and Sirius models.

The criteria to consider when selecting tires include ensuring the correct size and specifications, especially for safety purposes.

Quick One 638, with its tread design for optimal road grip and soft rubber compound, ensures optimal performance. Additionally, it meets several top criteria, such as:

👉 European standard: E4.
👉 Compliant with JIS K6366:1998/TCVN 5721-2:2002 standards.
👉 Developed using the latest advanced formula.
👉 Features a high-quality inner liner to prevent air leakage.
👉 The tire body is constructed with a strong and rigid cross-ply structure, providing durability from crown to bead.
👉 The unique tread pattern, combined with the new tire structure, offers optimal balance and comfortable handling in all road conditions.

With the familiar Run-Flat technology designed for all Quick One tire models, the puncture-proof Quick One 638 tire will undoubtedly allow the vehicle to operate at a certain speed range even when punctured, while still meeting the necessary criteria in adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, it also offers aesthetic appeal due to its diverse tread pattern designs, ensuring that your “war horse” stands out with a distinctive and stylish appearance while rolling on any road, even in challenging weather conditions.

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